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Leadership requires strategy, not tactics!

In February, we were flying high along with the economy! In March, to minimize the spread of Coronavirus, the nation shut down and, together, we tumbled from the top two rungs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs to the bottom two rungs. At the top, we were functioning with Esteem (confidence, achievement, respect of and by others) and even Self-Actualization (creativity, problem solving, spontaneity, more). All things were possible!

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Helping Leaders through Change is what we do Best

We recognize the next couple of weeks will be some of our most challenging and perhaps, the toughest in our professional lives. Many of you have shared with our Progression Partners’ team, the devasting results and angst with the tougher decisions in separating employees, continued job loss, furloughs, and restructurings. As your Leadership team continues to course-correct, shift business models and navigate new plans, you are in a position to advise on workforce dynamics to obtain positive business outcomes.

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