Helping Leaders Through Change is What We Do

We recognize the next couple of weeks will be some of our most challenging and perhaps, the toughest in our professional lives. Many of you have shared with our Progression Partners’ team, the devasting results and angst with the tougher decisions in separating employees, continued job loss, furloughs, and restructurings. As your Leadership team continues to course-correct, shift business models and navigate new plans, you are in a position to advise on workforce dynamics to obtain positive business outcomes.

Here are a few words of advice because we know a few things about planning for layoffs, restructurings and next steps:

Remember the three priorities of Change. When separating employees, your company has an entire workforce of survivors watching. The treatment of separated employees has a direct correlation to productivity. In most major layoffs, with little to no communication, productivity declines almost 30%. While leadership may say, “back to work as usual”, most “survivors” are spending time in silent anger and frustration as they see their colleagues lose their jobs. They may even feel guilt since they still have their jobs. During times of change, encourage your leadership team to deliver 10X more communication, 10X more data, and 10X more manager touchpoints. Now is the time to feed the grapevine with the most up-to-date and accurate information – and it’s free!

Exit employees with respect. As employees exit from the organization, we remind clients to treat separated employees with as much respect as when you hired them into the company. Ethically, providing career transition services is a way to protect your company’s brand, performance, and profitability. Separated employees can hold their heads high with dignity when there are a resource and program to help locate their next role. A lifeline is essential to gain employment with millions out of work.

Change anger into a positive. When separated, employees feel alone, angry and desperate, they can turn to a lawyer for support. Having an immediate meeting with a Career Coach can turn that anger into a productive and positive next step and save the company legal hassles.

Train your managers.  Conduct pre-planning manager training for your leaders who will be separating employees. One hour of prep will save a lifetime of heartache. The message being delivered will be monumental for every employee separated from the company. While most leaders think they are prepared, most aren’t.

Here are a few areas that should be included in your manager training:

  • Discuss logistics and sequence of the meetings
  • Timeframe: 10 minutes

Prepare a written script flow.

  • Stick to the script!
  • Pair managers with HR Leaders
  • Conduct group debrief
  • Managers schedule team meetings
  • Be present in future one-on-one meetings

Progression Partners can provide common sense answers to key questions as you encourage your leadership team to take responsibility for its employees and provide development, advice and career transition opportunities for your retained and separate employees. Our coaching circles can provide immediate solutions and recommendations to your team members and colleagues who are grappling with the next steps in a changing world of business.

Click here for a short video and see what a Coaching Circle is all about.

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