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David Zechman

Facilitator: David Zechman, Former president  and CEO of McLarenHealthcare of Northern Michigan, Consultant and Founder of Zechman Group, and Public Speaker

Many leaders in today’s intense, fast-paced, and financially driven business world, sometimes forget the valuable people we lead is the most integral component of a company’s and your personal leadership success.   According to Joel Manby, former CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, “It’s easier to focus on hitting the numbers, but easier won’t build a lasting, healthy organization that attracts and keeps the very best and stands the test of time.”   Leading with Love and Compassion addresses the crisis in leadership today of retaining top talent. Leaders will explore the current “war on talent”, thus, emphasizing the importance of engagement and fulfillment in the culture of their organization. Ultimately, people are seeking leaders who empower, motivate and enable their people by conveying the importance of their colleague’s job and career. Just a mere transition in 1:1 & team communications, priority in people development and leadership awareness can lead to higher levels of job performance, productivity, and ultimately outstanding results.  Finally, it is just the “right thing to do.”


Leading with Love and Compassion is based on the following eight (8) value principals and are integrated into the program as key performance drivers:

1). Patience - Being able to master the ability to publicly and privately exhibit self-control in challenging and tense situations.

2). Trustful - Encourage those you lead with support and belief in their talents and skills.

3). Honesty- Be open and truthful with every individual you lead which includes appropriate communication about the organization.

4). Grudgeless - Be willing to forgive.

5). Servant Leadership - Be willing to facilitate the success of those you lead.   This leads to a greater probability for organizational success, and ultimately, your success.

6). Walk The Talk - Live and breathe love and compassion in your daily work as well as your personal life.

7). Communication - Practice consistent and regular communication tactics that include encouragement and honest feedback.

8). Commitment- This means staying dedicated to your values no matter what the circumstance.


Leaders will explore the eight (8) principals and ways to integrate into their business while, aligning to today’s engagement and business performance. Participants will leave with toolkits for immediate application to corporate communications, team meetings, and 1:1 meeting. Additionally, each leader will create a concise action plan with implementation within 30 days.


When: Coming Soon

Where: Downtown Indianapolis

COST: $798.00 per person

Work Habits that Work

Facilitator: Gaylen Smith Osborn, Certified Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Research and common sense tell us that good habits are the foundation for happiness, the invisible architecture of daily life. This webinar will explore some tips and tricks for getting rid of habits that are no longer serving you as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how habits drive success or lack of success
  • Identify strategies that would bring more success to your work life
  • Commit to one habit change over the next 30 days

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

Facilitator: Mary Klein

Harassment isn't just against the law, it is unacceptable behavior in any organization that values its employees and customers. This course will help create a culture of respect, kindness, and inclusiveness and demonstrate your companies values.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what sexual harassment is by definition
  • State why it is important to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Understand your responsibilities under current policy and procedures

Powerful Presentations

Facilitator: Mary Klein

A critical success skill for business people and leaders is the ability to convey your ideas to an audience.  The goal of this training is to equip session participants with increased knowledge and skills that will enhance presentation skills, presentation design, audience engagement, presentation content, and presentation delivery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to plan and design an effective presentation
  • Understand how to increase engagement with a powerful presentation
  • Learn how to enhance platform skills

Creating A Culture of Respect

Facilitator: Mary Klein

Respect at work is not just about "don't discriminate, don't harass, be nice." Its also about creating an environment where we engage and empower all employees and allow all employees to be their best and contribute to their maximum potential. When people are treated with respect and value the result is more motivated and satisfied employees which, in turn, creates organizational success. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how behaviors either build or erode respect and the potential impact associated with those behaviors
  • Acknowledge respect and address disrespect
  • Increase your comfort in discussing an uncomfortable topic
  • Learn to increase your self-awareness

Building Business Acumen

Facilitator: Kristen Stockton, Executive Coach and Master Facilitator

This session is really an opportunity for you to take a look at your business role as a business owner and build like it is your own. Looking at the Cornerstones of Leadership of strategy, implementation, talent management and human capital, how can you, as a leader, optimize what you've learned to your team and organization. Each learning opprotunity becomes a way to optimize growth and building key relationships within your business. This session will help you create differentiators for you and your business internally and externally, within the market.

Learning Objectives:

  • Manager vs Leader - Run your business like you own it
  • Develop strategy for managing current workload and developing business
  • How to optimize opportunity flow
  • Learn four cornerstones of business performance
  • Assess development needs across for business performance drivers
  • Develop an action plan to address gaps

Leveraging Your Career

Facilitator: Kristen Stockton, Executive Coach and Master Facilitator

A great session to help leaders drive learning opportunities to a higher level through knowledge transfer and business applicstions. Now, development becomes a key differentiator for your business and clients! Great for leaders who need to develop their team in business performance and create impact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how Knowledge Transfer is a leadership skill to develop your team
  • Develop a pathway for knowledge transfer through individual and team communications
  • Learn how to amplify your experiences beyond a "one and done"
  • Develop an action plan and approach to build experiences that create value internally and externally

Strategic Bootcamp

Facilitators: Bobbie Shreiner and Mitchell Jacover

This is a collaborative, intensive learning journey taht allows high potential leader to create solutions for real world business challenges using proven strategic planning and implementation techniques and tools.

Learning Journey Elements:

  • Pre Reading Assignments to create a strategic planning and futuristic mindset (not to exceed two hours)
  • One Day Workshop that overviews the expectations of this learning journey, reviews strategic planning methods and tools, introduces work teams, discusses problem to be solved, and allow teams time plan and begin to tackle their assigned problem
  • Independent Work Sessions (frequently and manner to be determined by each team) to complete the data gathering and plan development over a 6-week period
  • Up to two one-hour coaching sessions/group (virtual) for each team
  • Feedback session/dry run for solution presentation with team coach (approximately two hours, in person) for each team
  • Present strategy and implementation plan to Executive Leadership (approximately two hours, in person) for each team

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review and apply strategic planning and implementation skills to create a framework for solving real world business problems
  • Experience a cross-functional collaborative approach to strategy development
  • Create and present a strategy and implementation plan to Executive Leadership based on an assigned business problem
  • Explore how establishing clear change management strategies aids better implementation and overall success of strategic plans


Coaching Circles

Progression Partners recognizes the importance of strategic visioning, business planning and a well-executed implementation of business initiatives to achieve overall goals and profitability. While most organizations can create the strategic direction, Progression Partners understand leaders are challenged launching their business initatives and the reason why only 50% of implementations are successful. Our Coaching Circles help leaders think and execute strategically throughout the business transformation, managing the change & transition through effective tools, communication and accountability.

Importance of Career Conversations in 1:1Meetings

Facilitator: Tricia Fox, Certified Career Consultant & Executive Coach

This Our Coaching Circle model increase organizational or professional productivity and is a great tool to support your current leadership development! Our model provides the tools for and development to help every leader be successful. 

Progression Partners coaches facilitate the coaching circles and we suggest a time commitment of at least once or twice per quarter. The facilitator keeps the conversation on track, manages how the time is spent and ensures all participants give and receive value from time spent in the coaching circle. Each circle member commits to action and everyone is held accountable and holds others accountable. The facilitator is the 'glue' that ensures follow up is taken, success is obtained and metrics are met. A circle meets over a period of months, with a cadence suited to the needs of the individuals/group. Circles usually have 4-8 people and meet once or twice monthly for 60-90 minutes and can be held virtually or in-person. Progression Partners customizes circles based on the goals and type of circle established.

Several options available to meet your business Needs

Option 1 Corporate Challenge Focus: A team of people are brought together to focus on a specific challenge your organization is facing, providing diversity to create ideas and fresh perspectives. The team offers their findings and recommendations in a presentation to senior executives.

Option 2 Team Challenge Focus: An in-tact work group meets together to address specific challenges facing their department/business unit.

Option 3 Professional Development Focus: High potentials from throughout the organization or an in-tact team meet together, each individual brining a personal challenge they would like to address with the support and suggestions of colleagues.

Option 4 Leaning Focus: Key topics of interest to the organization and the group are the focal point for each circle meeting. Content may come from a book that everyone reads and prepares to discuss at circles, or it could come from speakers or reading articles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why you should be having the career conversation
  • Create the opportunity to how to have the career conversation
  • How can career conversations become development conversations, even if the career ladder is not apparent
  • How career conversations relate to engagement, rentension and multi-generational needs/concerns

Wake Up to New Ideas & Solutions (Coaching Circle)

Facilitator: Tricia Fox, Certified Career Consultant & Executive Coach

Open Forum Coaching Circles: Providing Leaders a Venue to Challenge Themselves

An open coaching circle is made up from individuals from various organizations. This offering allows individuals to proactively manage their own career needs and not 'wait' for an organization to provide a forum. Participants benefit from hearing ideas from those outside of their own organization.

Option 1 Professional Development Focus: Each individual brings a personal challenge they would like to address with the support and suggestions of colleagues.

Option 2 Leaning Focus: Key topics of interest to the organization and the group are the focal point for each circles meeting. Content may come from a book that everyone reads and prepares to discuss at circles, or it could come from speakers or reading articles.

Birkman Feedback Session

Facilitator: Karen Burdick, Certified Birkman Executive Coach

This session provides an overview or refresh of the Birkman Methodology covering quadrants and main competencies while sharing relevance to candidiates (participants) data. The facilitator will introduce each component and individual data. Particiopants will elave with an understanding of their personal scores and data to tgese following areas:

  • Interests
  • Usual behaviors
  • Needs
  • Stress behaviors


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“A leadership shortage is one of the biggest barriers to growth at companies around the world. In fact, developing new leaders is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organizations worldwide, with 86 percent of companies rating it as 'urgent' or 'important'.”

- Deloite University Press, Leaders at all Levels


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