Progression Partners Proudly Announces, The Learning Continuum

Progression Partners Proudly Announces, The Learning Continuum

Making learning a process rather than an event is a WIN-WIN for Progression Partners as they share their release of The Learning Continuum℠ – both an individualized and group learning approach to managing career development.

Creating a learning journey has been the focus the past eight years, as Progression Partners perfected their three tracks of learning, complimented with their high-performance coaching models, to meet the needs of learners at each phase of their development.  While in the past learners relied heavily on corporations to provide the learning experience, The Learning Continuum (TLC) guides learners in managing their own development and career advancement.  As stated by Bobbie Shreiner, President and Co-founder of Progression Partners, “What You Need, When You Need It”.  While stand-alone learning, or off the shelf programs, had their moment, the TLC makes learning a process, not just an event. Application to the learner’s role and business helps establish ROI to both the learner and their corporation.

This model stems from Progression Partner’s deep learning expertise and their internal innovation lab. Simply, Progression Partners’ national coaching practice, now meeting the needs of hundreds of coaching programs across the county, generates an ongoing leadership gap analysis that is prioritized into business performance challenges with all types of leaders at all levels. Thus, the TLC addresses current and true business challenges in corporations. The formula for success is a simple combination of preparatory thought leadership, individual and group coaching opportunities, leadership curriculum & content, and follow up coaching with interactive learning, which has put the WOW! back into leadership development.

Here is what people are saying:

“The program opened lines of communication in fact, the program forced us to communicate and think differently. Where once we would have acted as individual sponsors which is hard to drive initiatives individually. Senior Partners took the time to reflect and think differently.”

~Executive Participant, The Cornerstone Facilitated Series

“If I had known this two years ago, this would have looked a whole lot different.”  ~Director Participant

The Learning Continuum also provides an innovative & fresh approach for corporations.  While in the past, individualized leadership development and coaching may have been a huge budgetary consideration now, can offer leadership development as cost savings & investment while, easily measuring ROI to business performance.

Progression Partners believes every leader can be successful given the right tools, development, and resources. Thus, helping leaders through change is what we do best.

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