Wow, Wow and WOW!

As I reflect over the past 2017, I am proud of all our small yet, mighty team, has accomplished in one year.  As many of you know, Progression Partners LLC was started with just two Senior Partners -  Les and me -  on a dream, a handshake and a passion to grow leaders. Blessed with several past client requests for development support, we began to transition our dream into a business – Progression Partners, LLC was formed in 2010. With a lot of hard work and three years of weekend meetings, we created our anchor “Your 24” coaching program which continues to differentiate us from our competition and is our most successful coaching program today.  In just 24 hours, we help leaders gain immediate business impact!

So, now with three Senior Partners who are well equipped in nurturing and growing our business.  Gretchen Harfst, Vice President of Operations and Connie Schubert, CFO have been able to put the necessary structure into our organization while, still allow grow within our entrepreneurial stage. We’ve stretched ourselves in many different ways yet, what holds true is our passion to help leaders transition from the tactical to the strategic which, ultimately develops leaders from good to great.  We continue to create the “WOW!” in our coaching.

Today we have a portfolio of ten or more coaches and consultants -  talent working out of our four national hubs – Indianapolis, Denver, Portland and San Diego. Our portfolio of talent will continue to grow as we grow yet, we will always continue to be focused in what we do well – creating the WOW with each leader so, they can feel success immediately. 

So, 2018 here we come!  Please visit out our new corporate website and explore programs and offerings - ample opportunity to grow me, coach me, development me.

SAVE THE DATE for another WOWon February 6, 2018 as we host our 4th Annual Women of Distinction Conference at the beautiful Skyline Club We like to do things differently so, now have a dedicated “Chair” with Stephanie Wood, Senior Business Partner and Owner of SWG Consulting ( .  We promise this is not just and event, it’s a process which can be customized just for you!

Lastly, explore your future by joining “the continuum”!  Progression Partners has purposely created a customized development track for you.  We promise “Wow!” as you design your path and future journey to success.  

See you in “the continuum”!!


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