Are Your Next Generation Leaders Ready?

For quite some time now we’ve heard about the gap when the current generation of leaders retire. With 3.9 percent unemployment (August 2018), competition for talent will be even tougher. The article, Leaders at all Levels identified that “a leadership shortage is one of the biggest barriers to growth at companies around the world. In fact, developing new leaders is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organizations worldwide, with 86 percent of companies rating it as ‘urgent’ or ‘important’.” Where does leadership development rank on your list of talent challenges?

While succession plans are helpful, one of the mistakes or miscalculations an organization can make is not helping high potentials understand that their value to the organization changes when they are moved into a leadership role. As an individual contributor, your value is what you personally bring to the organization and your individual accomplishments, but in a leadership role your worth is measured by what you can do through others and the contribution that your functional area makes to the overall goals of the organization.

To help bridge the leap into leadership, Progression Partners (an Indianapolis, Indiana based leadership development company) utilizes a model they call The Cornerstone of Leadership to guide the professional development of leaders.

The Cornerstone of Leadership

Effective leaders need to demonstrate competence in each of the five elements of The Cornerstone to make sustainable contributions to organizational success. This kind of competence needs to be cultivated. We no longer can afford to let folks “figure it out”. Think about the high potentials in your organization and the elements of The Cornerstone of Leadership – how would you respond?






Strategy is all about driving focus and direction, can your high potentials:

  • Let go of thinking tactically and focus on the strategic view of how their people or function contribute to the overall organizational strategy?


Change is the ability to make implementation happen, can your high potentials:

  • Assess the impact of change on people and process and proactively manage emotions and behavioral dynamics that get in the way of introducing a different way of doing things?


Talent Management is geared at evaluating the current talent pool, can your high potentials:

  • Evaluate current staff skill sets objectively and determine how well they are contributing to the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of the organization?


Human Capital takes a look at what talent will be needed to lead tomorrow’s business, can your high potentials:

  • Envision staff and process requirements to meet future demands of the organization and its customers?


Leadership Brand is core to making organizational change and improvement happen, can your high potentials

  • Demonstrate through words and actions a sincere desire to help the organization and its people move into the future?

To start a conversation about The Cornerstone of Leadership and how it can elevate your organization’s leadership development efforts,

Who are we?

Progression Partners is focused on elevating business performance through customized leadership development. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana with service hubs in San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; and Denver, Colorado. We believe that every leader can be successful given the right tools and development.

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