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We Believe

  • Everyone Can Learn and Grow
  • Communication Can be Transparent & Create Awareness
  • Good Leadership Foundation has a Cornerstone Built On Strategy, Change, Talent Management and Human Capital
  • Everyone Contributes When Given the Right Tools

Our Story and Approach

From CEOs (“I’ve never seen results like this”) to colleagues (“I want what Joe got”), the Your 24℠ personalized development program is recognized for sparking high potential people to even greater growth.


Your 24 was co-developed by Les Gleaves and Bobbie Shreiner, founders (2010) of Progression Partners. It emerged from their shared drive for work that matters and from the chemistry between Les’ expertise in executive coaching and Bobbie’s skill in harnessing organizational needs to leadership development. “We knew we wanted immediate impact: traction from day 1,” Bobbie recounted. “Not another assessment quickly forgotten once back at work. We chose The Birkman Method® because it is personal it shows there is no such thing as a work self and a real self.”


The result was Your 24. It is customized to the individual and grounded in deep insight. Its “Ahah” moments create development opportunities. People begin to “connect the dots” both as individual contributors and team members. Once they see the big picture and their impact on it, they shift their focus from tactics to strategy and from managing to leading. The change is self-directed and thus real.


Gretchen Harfst joined Progression Partners as a partner in 2016 (Les left in 2013), bringing her passion for strategy development. Together, Bobbie and Gretchen are growing Progression Partners by helping companies answer questions on how to strategically move forward: What’s likely to happen in the future? Does your leadership development strategy compliment or conflict with your business strategy? Are your leaders equipped to be accountable? Are they up to the challenge?  A foundation in customized, personalized coaching exemplified by Your 24— is imprinted in Progression Partners’ DNA. A next evolution is Your Influence, which strategizes at the organizational level. 


Here’s a secret: Turning good leaders into great ones is an inside job: only they can do it. But the right development can ready them. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

 Our Foundation

The Cornerstone of Leadership

We make you Think

  • Driving Focus and Direction
  • Making Implementaton Happen
  • Creating the Future Talent to Lead Tomorrow's Business
  • Identifying, Developing, Engaging and Evaluating Your Talent

 Our Passion

Coaching Circles

A Continuum of Learning

We are rooted and established on the foundation of good learning. It is fundamentally at our core and part of our company values. Our Coaching Circles are the "glue" that ties our learning and development programs together. They keep the learning excange flowing and moving forward for the optimum impact.


Action Learning forums that address relevant business challenges on your schedule…continuously!

Virtual, Timely, Relevant, Customized, Engaging & Purposeful

 Our Choice

The Birkman Method

Because it is Personal

From the very beginning of our company we made the strategic choice to use the Birkman Method as our assessment of choice.  Uncovering transparent moments and underlying needs is inherent in what we do.  The Birkman Method helps us identify what individuals need from their environment and the people around them to be at their very best. When people’s needs are met they are fulfilled, engaged, and productive.  When their needs are not met, they go into their stress behaviors that are observed by others and can cause anxiety in the workplace.  The Birkman Method helps us get to the transparent moments that create awareness that lead to development opportunities.

Our Locations


Indianapolis, Indiana

West Coast

Portland, Oregon 

San Diego, California 


Denver, Colorado

Bobbie Shreiner 2


Co Founder, President

I am the Architect of our Destiny in creating Progression Partners’ vision & strategy, and the Fearless Leader of our Executive Team.

Since Day One of creating our coaching and leadership models, I wanted to create the “WOW” in our client’s experience thus, created “Your 24”.  In Your 24 coaching experience, traction is amazing in just 24 hours of engagement.  Why is the “WOW’ factor important? Simple, we make it personal which, translates into the professional.  For me, it is pastoral and my way of giving back.  Each session is highly customized to meet the needs of the leader – a gift that keeps on giving for the candidate and the sponsor organization.

Every day, I work on creating the “WOW” in Progression Partners and my heart is directed in leading the charge to making a difference in leaders lives - and in ultimately creating success for both the individual and their sponsor organization.

Fun Facts about me:

  • Every day I wake up living my dream in building Progression Partners!
  • Started as a teacher, I never lost my passion in creating good learning.  Progression Partners services are based on good learning models to meet the needs of all learners.
  • My son and daughter-in-law are blazing trails in architecture and building on their dreams in Portland, Oregon.
  • My parents don’t have a clue on what I do in my consulting world yet, always proud by sharing nice things in our family holiday letters.

My passion is to create a vision and focus based on good learning is my passion.  Making learning impactful and yet, very fun!  Being a life-long learner is a gift and one I want to share with each candidate, client and company. It is truly the “gift” that keeps on giving!

Gretchen Harfst 2


Vice President, Senior Partner

I like to think of myself as the “heart” of Progression Partners since I put the pulse into organization and known for being planner extraordinaire! Always laser focused, I integrate our values and purpose into exemplary implementation and execution. Nothing excites me more than “Wowing” our clients and customers while thinking of new approaches and customizing our delivery to meet the needs of each organization. It’s my goal for each client to feel unique and special during our Five Star client experience so, they are always asking for more!

As a facilitator of innovative ideas and thought, I distill ideas into transformative and sustainable actions that can be built on to achieve results.  Therefore, I create the “wow” in client delivery by gaining a “pulse” into their organization by identifying and aligning trends.  As, we get to know our client’s business, we create transparent moments and awareness which helps them get laser focused in creating strategic direction.  Thus, everything we touch creates business impact -  and thus, we make a difference in their organization.

I have a high desire and impulse for seeing and doing new things especially, travel. If I’m not working, I am doing something new or going somewhere different.  I’m happy my husband of 29 years shares my wanderlust or I would drive him crazy.

I’m passionate about forward thinking and making every action count. If it adds value, do it!



Chief Officer & Senior Partner

I am a Senior Partner and the Chief Financial Officer for Progression Partners. I create the WOW behind the scenes in our company by making sure our numbers and columns grow and balance. I have been the financial engineer for several small start-up companies over the last 18 years.  I was also a teacher for much of that time.

My passion is creating, and I do this through a variety of mediums of art.  I have been married to my husband for 34 years and we love to spend time creating memories with our family. I drive our financial vision with the heart of a teacher.

Mitchell 300x300


Senior Partner 

A multi-talented professional with proven skills for designing and executing organizational development solutions to achieve strategic outcomes in a manner respectful to internal and external stakeholder’s interests.

Mitchell’s approach serving in executive level roles as Strategic Business Director, COO, Executive Director or Principal Consultant is a philosophy of listening to learn. Mitchell’s career afforded him the opportunity to work with and for companies in a wide variety of industries both public and private.  While organizations face similar challenges, Mitchell has learned that each industry, each company and in fact each leader has their unique qualities that play an important part in whatever goals or objectives are pursued.

Fun Facts about me:

·      Worked early in career as a professional photographer

·      My dad served in the Airforce working with Col. Tibbetts in Wendover, UT – he also played briefly in major league baseball.

·      I have been to every state in the United States.

·      Was a feature story on Sunday Morning television show.

·      Worked as adjunct professor in business training and development for two universities and community colleges

·      Originally from Chicago, worked in Boston and now lives with his wife and family in Portland, OR.

I have a passion for generating and provoking balance between clear vision with the conditions to be successful.  Embracing a whatever it takes attitude to have engaged workforce.

Mike Hill 1


Senior Business Partner

I am an Executive Coach, Author and Public Speaker. My MBA is from St. Bonaventure University and I am certified Birkman Assessment Professional.  My favorite topic to talk about is improving employee and company performance, in fact I have written 3 books on the subject.

I bring over 25 years of mentoring and strengthening Managers and Management Teams. Having been a company owner, I bring the “real life” experience to each engagement.

I have one son, Patrick that keeps me young. I enjoy anything and everything outdoors with a passion for mountain climbing having summited most of the high peaks in the Wyoming Teton range.  My motto is; if its outdoors let’s do it.

My passion is helping employees to reach their maximum performance.


Gayle 1


Vice President & Senior Partner

The queen of sunshine, virtual delivery, talent management expert and learning programs facilitator.  I am in the San Diego hub.  (Thus the sunshine!) Learning happens when we approach it with curiosity and passion.  As a high-energy presenter, coach, developer and leader, my first goal is to build a relationship with you. Next, we create a progressive path to where you want to go. My friendly, direct and decisive nature comes out in the kitchen!  Nothing makes me happier than cooking with friends and enjoying a meal together.  My home is known for real food and real sharing of life’s sunshine and clouds.  I am passionate about supporting you and me to live lives aligned to our hearts and goals.

Jody Fosnough 1


Senior Business Partner

I am an Executive Coach Extraordinaire, a Fun Facilitator, and Learning Leader. I’m a relationship builder that drives engaging discussions, helping you and your team achieve moments of brilliance! I invest in you by providing insightful, influential and motivational coaching. That means your transparent learning moments will energize you to connect with your unique “inner leader” to deliver more impactful results in your day job and life.

I’m a true soccer mom. I cheerlead, mentor and coach my kids as they transition into high school, college and adulthood. I’m grateful for 25+ years of marriage, and love being the recipient of my husband’s culinary creativity.  I love to read and take long walks.

Our conversations will identify your unique potential, grow your leadership expertise, and align to the career path you’re pursuing.

Tricia Fox jpeg 1


Senior Business Partner

I am an Executive Coach and Facilitator of Learning. I build relationships that inspire trust and foster cooperation to get to those truly transparent moments of learning and development that inspire change.  I coach people to do a leadership audit-identify strengths, gaps and to have intentional conversations for improved, insightful  action plan to move forward.

My husband of 25 years and I coach and mentor our 4 daughters in their entrepreneur endeavors, sports and service hours as they transition from middle school, high school and college years.  I love reading, water aerobics and traveling. Our conversations will identify your unique traits, grow your leadership potential, and strategically align your career path.


Senior Business Partner

I am an Executive Coach and learning specialist, I have 20+ years’ experience in leading people and organizations through transformational change focusing on business performance. I am passionate about helping leaders see their full potential and experience the “ah ha” moment that makes them take ownership for growth to happen. I am a dancer and an exercise devotee who enjoys traveling, meeting and empowering people to see what’s possible. My husband and I are avid sailors with plans to sail the Great Lakes over the next few years.

I love to see my clients and learners succeed! When they get that ‘light in their eye’ of understanding and when they can see their potential and a way to reach it!

Mary Klein 3 (1)


Senior Business Partner

I am a facilitator of learning and I love it!  My focus is on developing and delivering highly interactive, effective and fun learning events that help leaders unlock their potential.  I facilitate people becoming a new and improved version of themselves.  I love creating “a-ha” moments that lead to real personal and professional growth.  I have extensive experience working with all levels of leaders in Fortune 500 organizations.

I have 4 young adult children who still manage to keep me busy.  Whether it’s tailgating (Go Hoosiers!), attending swim meets or college parents’ weekends, my family time makes me happy. I also love spending time with friends over good food, good wine and good conversations.  I love to travel. Learning about new countries and cultures feeds my soul.

My Passion is to help people capitalize on their strengths and develop in new areas to achieve their personal and professional goals.  I am a lifelong learner who believes you never stop growing!



The Learning Continuum (TLC) Administrator


I have 13 years’ experience as a learning management system (LMS) administrator, virtual trainer, and online course designer. I have developed online learning for healthcare, higher education, and the government.  I worked 21 years in healthcare before transitioning to the government sector where I currently work for Snap, Inc. as a contractor for the U. S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Training Center in Mobile, AL.  I have three post graduate degrees including a MEd in Exercise Physiology, a MS in Instructional Design and Development and a PhD in Instructional Design for Online learning.  My dissertation focused on incorporating practice and feedback in virtual training to improve learning outcomes. I am very active in professional organizations where I serve on conference committees, reviews articles for peer-reviewed journals, journal awards, and conference presentations.

My passion is mentoring the next generation of professionals.

Eileen Vandroff2


Client Relations Manager

I oversee partner relations.  I love to help insure the smooth flow of your experience with Progression Partners makes you say "WOW"!  My background is Big 4 Public Accounting, Corporate/Financial Recruiting, Operations and Business Development and Direction.  I most recently have been an integral participant in the development of a woman owned boutique company into a national industry player. I love to be Outdoors!  Nothing makes me happier than hiking out West, my kids and, my dogs. My passion is to innovate and create a process through simplicity and common sense.

How can we help you?

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."

-Mark Twain


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Progression Partners is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) focused on elevating business performance through customized leadership development. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana with service hubs in San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; and Denver, Colorado. We believe that every leader can be successful given the right tools and development.