Gratitude and Engagement

A little prelude…
Recently, during our Women of Distinction conference, we heard from our guest panelists and guest experts on several key topics – Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion and Artificial Intelligence. We promoted both sides of the topics with different perspective and, sometimes, alignment in some pretty critical topics during our infamous “Rapid Fire” format. Not everyone agreed yet, everyone had an opinion! Our active polling illustrated many points of view! We know everyone might not have been comfortable yet, the general consensus from our guests is – they want more.

We understand the time allotment might not have provided enough opportunities to ask all the questions or allow for additional discussion. It is our hope, to “Start a Conversation” in this blog, and in our quest to share perspectives and learn more. We want to hear and learn from you. “Let’s Start a Conversation™” is our way to promote shared learning as a process and not just an event.

So let us begin………. the conversation….
Here we are in the month of Thanksgiving and a time to feel grateful toward loved ones, colleagues, animals, mother nature, and life in general. The emotion of gratitude generates a climate of positivity that both reaches inward and extends outward. We can’t help but wonder with the given disparate climate on employee engagement, why aren’t leaders saying simply, “thank you” or expressing their gratitude for work well done.

We mentioned at the conference the 2019 Gallup survey, where 67 percent of employees in the U.S. workforce are disengaged from their jobs. That means almost seven out of 10 of your co-workers (or, for managers, your employees) are disengaged. How’s that for an eye-opener?

We also learned a simple “thank you” does more to motivate performance than monetary rewards? In walking the state of graciousness, how can we (as leaders) empower our colleagues to be successful at work through gratitude? We learned there is a significant difference between engagement and satisfaction. So, how can we enable our colleagues to do great work not just satisfy them but delight them? As leaders, how can we encourage productivity and engagement?

So, I challenge you to LEAN IN to the conversation and share your thought partnership so, we no longer LEAN OUT in times of discontent or frustration. (as illustrated by Nicole MacLean, Director of Marketing & Partnership, Emplify)

What do you say?
What’s happening with you – engaged? Disengaged? We would love to hear strategies that enchant rather than, disenchant – what should leaders start doing? or stop? How do you share your gratitude with your peers, team or co-workers?

We want to hear from you!!